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About Us

Gracious hands foundation

Gracious Hands Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to graciously offer a hand in uplifting and supporting the social welfare of the most marginalised and vulnerable youths in Zimbabwe. Our main goal is to provide interventions that will assist the youths to become fully capacitated and empowered to conquer the social challenges that have become their stopping points in achieving their goals. We aim to create a stepping stone for these youths so that they become productive citizens and fulfill their social and economic roles within the society. Our programs are designed to sharpen the organisation’s response to the challenges young people face in Zimbabwe, by assisting the youths to acquire basic educational opportunities, reduce high levels of poverty and also access health systems easily. GHF is guided by it’s core values which are integrity, honesty, social responsibility, teamwork, respect, professionalism transparency and accountability.


Gracious Hands Foundation is a charitable organization founded in 2020 by a virtuous woman,
Linda Muchenje who was driven by the passion to uplift and support the most marginalized and
vulnerable youths of Zimbabwe to reach their full potential in life. Upon realizing how progress
has been uneven, with many young people in Zimbabwe still experiencing interlocked forms of
discrimination, high levels of poverty, limited access to health systems, lack of educational
opportunities and lack of access in attaining decent jobs , Linda was moved. She formed this
Foundation with the intentions of graciously providing interventions that will support and sustain
the development of these youths.


  • Promote human dignity
  • Social responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Transparency and accountability


The GHF seeks to be regionally and internationally recognized as one of the best organisations that provides the most competitive social impact strategies to solve and promote human dignity for the youths.


To graciously provide social welfare support and to enhance youth’s capacity through the provision of basic educational support and relief from high levels of poverty as a way of creating sustainable solutions that will assist in addressing their social challenges.


To become the benchmarks of positively impacting the lives of the youths in Zimbabwe and
across the globe.


To acknowledge youth vulnerabilities as barriers to success and sustainable development.


To ignite any effort to create youth value that is sustainable and innovative.

Target Population

YOUTHS – the period between childhood and adult age. The UN for statistical purposes defines ‘youth’ as those persons between the ages of 15 and 24years, without prejudice to other.

As an organization, GHF has adopted to the above mentioned definition of youth created by the UN. Therefore all the interventions of the organization will be limited to persons of the age group between 15 and 24 years.

The people we intent to reach out to are the vulnerable and most marginalized youths of Zimbabwe.

key objectives

thematic priorities

All our projects will align with at least one of the following GHF thematic priorities:

Our community

We are grateful for our esteemed partners who have joined the Gracious Hands Foundation Network. Thank you for the great support!